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Road & Winter Maintenance Information

Transportation supports the mobility of persons through the engineering, operations, and maintenance of roads and bridges. Our experienced staff is on the front line of safety and customer service through summer construction projects and winter salt, sand and plowing activities.

Roadside Weed Spraying Program

The weed spraying contact for the Municipality's roads is component of a county-wide contract, administered by the County of Middlesex. During May and June, Middlesex County will be weed spraying selected roads in Middlesex Centre.  Those residents not wishing to have the roadway  sprayed in front of their property should properly sign the area 'No Spray'. Notification of the spraying will be in the local  newspapers.

Winter Road Maintenance

Road Closures

Road Closure Mapping

Road Closures 2019

Please note that the mapping is for Municipality of Middlesex Centre Roads and not the County of Middlesex County Road system.


Road Entrance Permit
A Road Entrance Permit or a Road Occupancy Permit is required in advance if any
 resident or contractor needs to install a driveway entrance, utility crossing, or any other work within the Municipal Road Allowance. If the need arises for a permit please allow for a minimum of ten days for inspection and processing.

Road Occupancy Permit
Road Closure Request Application
Traffic Calming Policy 


Transportation Engineering Technologist
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Public Works and Engineering Assistant
Kendra Routley
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