Council Meeting Highlights - November 24, 2021


2022 Capital Budget Presentation

Tiffany Farrell, Director of Corporate Services, presented the 2022 Capital Budget to Council. Recommended capital projects for the coming year total $24.98 million, including:

  • $10.3 million for Transportation/Roads projects, including reconstruction of Vanneck Rd. (Sinclair to Medway), rebuilding Carriage Road, Garden Ave/Wellington Rd. Construction, Coldstream Rd. realignment, asphalt resurfacing, and reconstruction of two bridges
  • $9.3 million for Environmental Services projects, including the Glendon Dr. watermain twinning, numerous improvements to water and wastewater plants, and Komoka drain (1 and 3) improvements
  • $1.2 million for Community Services projects, including development of the Kilworth Optimist-Tridon Park Development and the Hyde Park-Clear Skies Secondary Trail

The full 2022 Budget, including both the operating and capital budgets, is slated to go before Council at their December 8, 2021 meeting.

2022 Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Rates

Council approved rate changes for the coming year:

  • the water rate for 2022 will remain unchanged from 2021
  • the rate for wastewater and stormwater will increase by 2% for both fixed and volumetric fees

The reason for this increase is to generate additional revenues to ensure funding is in place for infrastructure renewal as set out in the Middlesex Centre Asset Management Plan. This funding is in addition to revenues from new growth (development).

The average rate impact across water, wastewater and stormwater fees will about 1.15% for most users when weighted across the three services. The impact to each property will vary slightly depending on water consumption. The greatest percentage increase (2%) will be to those who only pay stormwater fees, however this is the smallest cost increase.

More details about the change in the rates can be found on the municipal website.

In Brief

Also during the meeting, Council:

  • Received a presentation on the Bear Creek Municipal Drain Branches 6, 12 and 13 by Mike DeVos of Spriet Associates. Council authorized the project to proceed.
  • Approved a lease agreement that will see the County of Middlesex’s Economic Development office located in the Komoka Wellness Centre.
  • Council Mtg Nov 24 2021 Tax Write Off Location Map
    Approved the write-off of taxes in the amount of $730.60 for three small land-locked parcels in Komoka that have been transferred to the Province. Seen in the following image, these parcels are legal known as:
    • Province of Ontario Minister of Infrastructure - 39-39-000-020-23196;  LOBO CON 3 N PT LOT 5 PLAN 113 PT LOT 253 (left)
    • Province of Ontario Minister of Infrastructure - 9-39-000-020-23194; LOBO CON 3 N PT LOT 5 PLAN 113 PT LOT 260  (middle)
    • Province of Ontario Minister of Infrastructure -39-000-020-23192; LOBO CON 3 N PT LOT 5 PLAN 113 PT LOT 287 (right)
    • These legal descriptions were absent in the report to Council. They are provided here for clarification and information purposes.
  • Directed staff to transfer surplus property (former temporary turning circle blocks) to the respective properties on Earlscourt and Baron Crescent in accordance with the subdivision agreement.
  • Received the results of the internal and external audits conducted under the municipality’s Drinking Water Quality Management System. Several minor non-conformities were identified and addressed. The auditors concluded that the Quality Management System has been established and is actively implemented.
  • Received the annual inspections for the Middlesex Centre, Birr and Melrose drinking water systems. Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 (SDWA) Section 81 the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) annually inspects municipal Drinking Water Systems (DWS). Inspections cover operational and process details, as well as the system condition and maintenance practices. Two non-compliance issues were identified for each system. These have since been addressed. 
  • Approved a $10,000 contribution to the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority for study to decommission the Coldstream Dam. This cost-share funding will be made available upon confirmation that SCRCA has received funding under the Provincial Water and Erosion Control Infrastructure program.
  • Planning Matters:
    • Approved a Zoning By-law Amendment for a property on Medway Road in Arva.
    • Sitting as the Committee of Adjustment, Council heard and granted five applications for minor variances.

Next Council Meeting

The next Middlesex Centre Council Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 8, 2021, at 5:30pm. Meeting times are subject to change, so please confirm with the meeting agenda when posted.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the public wishing to speak at the meeting will be asked to join virtually.

For More Information

For more details on any of these items, see the full meeting agenda or contact the Municipal Clerk. You can view the full meeting on YouTube.