Council Meeting Highlights - October 27, 2021


During the meeting on October 27, Council:

  • Sitting as the Court of Revision, approved the revised schedule of assessments for the Komoka Drain – Union Avenue Branch.
  • Received an update on funding provided to local businesses through the Community Futures Middlesex – The Business Help Centre in 2020. Thirty-four per cent of the funding offered by the agency in 2020 supported Middlesex Centre businesses.
  • Received an update on new regulations under the Conservation Authorities Act that define the core mandate of the authorities and provide opportunities for municipalities to opt in or out of funding of non-mandated conservation authority programs.
  • Received a report on Middlesex Centre building activities to the third quarter of 2021, showing a continued increase over previous years. To the end of September, new residential starts for 2021 totalled 247 new dwellings (including mobile homes), 11 shy of the 2020 year-end total.
  • Endorsed the Winter Operations Plan, which outlines the level of winter maintenance services (snow clearing, etc.) to be provided for the municipality’s 583 km of roads and 30 km of sidewalks. The municipality complies with the Minimum Maintenance Standards as set out by the Province.
  • Approved the continued use of a vehicle slated to be replaced in 2021 until such time as the new vehicle is delivered. The new vehicle is on order, but unavailable due to supply chain issues.
  • Received the results of the Sidewalks and Street Light Survey conducted over the summer. Staff are considering the findings from the study as they plan future budgets.
  • Adopted an Encroachment By-law which provides a clear process for residents, staff and Council to allow for encroachments into the municipality’s right of ways, properties, and other land holdings, providing they do not negatively impact current or future municipal use.
  • Received an update on the existing by-law, standards and guidelines related to best practices for municipal street lighting and confirmed their support for Middlesex Centre’s use of the best practices outline. 
  • Passed a resolution in support of a requested exemption from the condominium approval process for the Design for Happiness development in Komoka. As outlined by planning staff, previous public meetings and a site plan process have met the standards required under the Planning Act and Condominium Act to grant this exemption.

Planning Meeting

Council held a busy planning meeting, hearing five applications for minor variances sitting as the Committee of Adjustment and six applications for zoning by-law amendments (including some applications with additional Official Plan Amendment and Plan of Subdivision application).

Of note, Council heard from a number of residents with regards to applications for properties on 1) Komoka Rd. and 2) Elmhurst St. The applications from the project proponents and public comments were received for information at this time.

Next Council Meeting

The next Middlesex Centre Council Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 10, 2021, at 9:30am. Meeting times are subject to change, so please confirm with the meeting agenda when posted.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the public wishing to speak at the meeting will be asked to join virtually.

For More Information

For more details on any of these items, see the full meeting agenda or contact the Municipal Clerk. You can view the full meeting on YouTube.