Customer Service Review

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Update, Jan 11, 2023:  The final report for the Customer Service Review and the associated customer service policy and procedures were presented at the Middlesex Centre Council Meeting on January 11, 2023.  You can find the final report at the bottom of this page.


Middlesex Centre is currently undertaking a Customer Service Review. This process will examine our systems for responding to residents to ensure we are providing timely service delivery and meeting your needs.

Blackline Consulting is conducting the review. Funding for this project is provided through a $76,320 grant from the Provincial Municipal Modernization Funding Program.

Focus Groups

Thank-you to everyone that took part in focus group. We appreciate you providing us your time and insights. The project consultants are reviewing your comments for inclusion in their report.


Customer Service Survey

Thank-you to everyone that responded to our Customer Service Survey. The project consultants are reviewing your responses for inclusion in their report.


Questions & Comments

For questions about this project, or to provide additional comments, please contact Tiffany Farrell, Director of Corporate Services


This page was first posted April 25, 2022.