Middlesex Centre to deliver building services to four local municipalities 



Middlesex Centre, Ontario, March 25, 2021 – The Municipality of Middlesex Centre is extending their building permit and inspection services to Adelaide Metcalfe, North Middlesex, and Southwest Middlesex in addition to continuing that service for Lucan Biddulph.

“Our nearly 20 years of experience in offering building permit and inspections for Lucan Biddulph has shown that sharing these services offers efficiencies for all municipalities involved,” said Arnie Marsman, Director of Building Services and Chief Building Official for Middlesex Centre.

With all the participating municipalities using the web-based Cloudpermit system to process building permits, residents and local builders can apply for their permits and request inspections online, with no need to travel to the municipal office. On the other side, building services staff can easily review documents, issue permits and document inspections online, limiting the time and cost associated with travelling to that of conducting inspections.

Each municipality has an appointed building specialist who is available to answer questions. Contact information is available on each municipality’s website or from the municipal office.

Middlesex Centre will hire two additional building inspectors to support the additional workload. Their salaries and other related expenses are fully covered under the shared service agreements with the other municipalities.

“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was Middlesex Centre’s busiest building year to date, with permits issued for 258 new residences and an overall construction value of over $100 million for the second consecutive year,” adds Mr. Marsman. “The other municipalities are also seeing increased growth. Moving to online permitting and increasing our sharing services will allow all of the participating municipalities to be more streamlined and effective while maintaining a high quality of inspections and customer service.

For more information, visit the Middlesex Centre website at middlesexcentre.on.ca/building-permits.


Media Contact:
Heather Kepran
Communications Specialist, Municipality of Middlesex Centre