New Website: Where is the link to my water bill?


Looking for the link to Canada Post's epost site or the Ecommerce for your utility (water) bill? 

Unfortunately with the new website, your existing bookmarks to the billing page will need to change.

There are a few ways to get to the billing page now:

  1. Select “Municipal Services” on the top menu, and then select “Billing & Payments”  -- OR --
  2. In the “How can we help you today?” box type in “billing”.  The “Billing & Payments” page should be the top option in the search results.

Once you get to the Billing & Payments page, scroll down to  “Utility Bill – Receiving your Bill” and click on either the word or the green “plus” symbol.  You’ll find the links to epost and ecommerce in the text that follows. 

If you want to update your bookmark, the new page is:

If you have any further questions please be in touch.