Private Well Survey and Monitoring Project in Delaware


The attached well survey has been mailed by Golder Associates Ltd. on behalf of Middlesex Centre to 24 property owners in Delaware within the vicinity of the Garden Ave Storm Sewer Capital Project. The general limits of this project can be found in the attached map.

This survey is being undertaken to collect information to minimize and mitigate any potential impacts to private wells in the area as a result of the municipality's application for a permit to take water. The permit is required for the construction of the Garden Ave. Storm Sewer due to high ground water levels and the required depth of excavation. 
The construction of the storm sewer is tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2021. Should the project move forward as planned additional notices will be issued to residents in advance of construction.
All properties receiving the well survey notice are connected to the municipal drinking water system and domestic water will not be impacted.
Questions about this project may be directed to Andrew Giesen, Transportation Manager for Middlesex Centre.