Reopening your Business: Steps for Water Safety


Over the next few months, it is anticipated that the COVID-19 shutdown requirements will start being lifted. Resuming business as usual in idle buildings is not as simple as turning on the lights, particularly when it comes to water quality and safety.

The Municipally of Middlesex Centre wants to ensure that all businesses, schools, daycares and other services are aware of potential problems from stagnant water inside the plumbing of idle buildings.

If your building has been shut-down for an extended period of time, you must plan to flush your plumbing system prior to reopening. 

Flushing your system means running water through the building until all the stagnant water is removed. In simple cases this involves opening all taps and running water for a period of time. You also need to flush any water in your appliances and water storage devices.

Start flushing your system as soon as possible after you receive word your workplace is to reopen. Flushing the system may take considerable time depending on the size of your building and the nature of your business.

Note that schools and child care facilities have regulatory requirements related to this process (i.e., Ontario Reg. 243/07).

Resource Guides

Several water-focused organizations have created materials to help you safely reopen your building. In particular, see "Safely Re-opening Buildings: a Fact Sheet for Building Owners/Operators" offered by the CWWA.

As well, we thank the Region of Waterloo for sharing their "Important Steps for Re-Opening your Building Water Supply Fact Sheet."

Steps for Re-opening your Building Water Supply (from Region of Waterloo)

For more information

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works and Engineering Department.


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