Trees Middlesex Centre: Order now for Spring Delivery


(This message is posted on behalf of Trees Middlesex Centre, a recipient organization of a Middlesex Centre Council Grant.)

Get your shovels ready and help put trees back into our roadside landscape.

The Trees Middlesex Centre committee is encouraging landowners in the municipality to plant trees along our roadsides. Native hardwood trees are available to interested landowners at a subsidized cost. You can choose from oak, several varieties of maple, and sycamore.

In the past six years, Trees Middlesex Centre has provided over 1,900 roadside trees. Many of the old trees are dying and as a result they either fall or are taken down. Young replacement trees are valuable to our environment. Now is the time to plant new ones!

Cost is $15.00 per tree. This fee provides a six foot tree, a stake and tie, plastic tile to protect the trunk, and mulch. 

Place your order before November 30, 2020, to assure a variety of choice. To order or to obtain additional information, please contact:

  • Bill Thirlwall @ 519-666-1676
  • Mels Vanderlaan @ 519-666-2423


Note:  Roadside trees should be planted on private property and not in the municipal right-of-way. Residents who are unsure of the municipal delineation of the right-of-way on their property should consult with the Municipality of Middlesex Centre Public Works & Engineering Department.