Westbrook Park Tennis Courts Reconstruction


About the Project

As part of the Municipality of Middlesex Centre's capital project improvements, the Westbrook Tennis/Pickleball Courts are being rebuilt this summer starting on Thursday June 24, 2021.

The existing courts will have the following work completed:

  • Remove the old asphalt playing surface 
  • Remove the old nets and posts
  • Regrade the gravel subbase to allow for better draining
  • Repave the courts with new asphalt
  • Install new posts and nets
  • New windscreens installed
  • After the asphalt cures for 4 weeks the courts will be painted and new line markings painted


This work will begin on Thursday, June 24, 2021, effective 7am. Westbrook Park courts will be closed for repairs for a 2 week period, with plans to reopen on Wednesday, July 7. Note this schedule may be affected by weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

  • UPDATE: The courts will re-open with temporary lines as of 6:00 am, July 15, 2021.  
    The weather finally cooperated and allowed the Community Services team to apply temporary markings on the new court asphalt. This complements the installation of new windscreens, nets and net posts.
  • UPDATE: The courts will be closed (weather pending) August 20 to August 27, 2021, to allow for the final painting to take place. Nets and posts will be removed to allow for work to take place.
  • UPDATE: The tennis court is re-opened as of August 31, 2021.
    The final touch - adding the Middlesex Centre logo - will be done in mid-September.

As mentioned above, the new asphalt has to cure for 4 weeks prior to painting. Middlesex Centre staff will be installing temporary sport markings until the court painting can proceed in early August. This will allow players to resume playing their favorite sport until the court surface is fully cured and ready for surface painting.

Alternative Courts during Closure

For those looking to continue playing while the Westbrook Park courts are closed, other courts available at:


Should you have any questions about this project please contact Justin Fidler, Community Services Operations Manager.


Thank-you for your patience and understanding while construction is underway.


Diagram: Finished Court with Sport Markings

New Westbrook Courts Diagram