Budget 2021


Setting Priorities for Municipal Services, Programs and Infrastructure

Budget 2021

The municipal budget is a key policy and planning document that outlines our municipality’s priorities for services, programs and infrastructure. Setting the budget is a balancing act between often competing priorities – providing the high level of services that residents deserve and respect versus what we can afford.

Each year, municipal staff put forward a draft preliminary budget for comment. There are two parts – the operations budget that covers the day-to-day services of the municipality, and the capital budget that covers large infrastructure and other long-term projects. The Mayor and Council, with input from Middlesex Centre residents and businesses, make choices about what municipal services, programs and infrastructure projects should be included in the budget.

Budget Road Map

The “budget road map” is the annual route we follow as we move towards an approved budget for Middlesex Centre. We hope you’ll join us on this journey, and provide your thoughts on the development of Budget 2021!

Budget Road Map 2021


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  • In September, we are planning for an online forum to gather further comments. Please stay tuned for further information.


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