Animal Services

Adorable Middlesex Centre dog with dog tag

Middlesex Centre offers services related to animal care and control


Dog Licencing

Licencing you dog could play a critical role in identifying your dog should it become lost or injured.

  • All dogs in the municipality must have a valid licence and dog tag.
  • Dog licenses are renewed on an annual basis.
  • If you find a lost or injured dog, contact the number on the tag to make arrangements for securing the animal.

Download Dog Licence Application


Kennel Licencing

  • Any resident wishing to operate a dog kennel or boarding facility must obtain a Kennel Licence.
  • The property must be properly zoned to accommodate a kennel or boarding facility.
  • Kennels and boarding facilities will be inspected on a bi-annual basis.
  • If you wish to establish a dog kennel or boarding facility, please contact the municipal office to discuss the location and requirements.

Download Kennel License Application


Animal Care & Control Services

Middlesex Centre has partnered with Animal Care Centre Lobo to provide animal care and control services.


Contact Animal Care Centre Lobo if you:

  • Encounter a dog running at large.
  • Inquiring (and retrieval) about a lost dog.

Animal Care Centre Lobo
5592 Egremont Drive, Ilderton, ON, N0M 2A0
Phone: 519-666-1632



Currently Middlesex Centre's Animal Control By-law does not prohibit cats from roaming at-large (aka stray cats). As there is no by-law that limits cats from being at-large:

  • Middlesex Centre, and by extension its animal control contractor, Animal Care Centre Lobo, has no authority to pick-up stray cats (be they pets that have gotten out or feral cats).
  • Middlesex Centre will no longer fund costs associated with cats that are dropped off at the animal shelter.

The inclusion of cats in the animal control budget and by-law is currently under review: 

  • A request for quotations for animal control services for the next three years (2020 to 2022) was issued in October 2019.
  • Council will receive a report on options for dealing with stray cats at their November 13, 2019, meeting.
  • The animal control by-law will be reviewed in 2020 to reflect changes in provincial legislation, and, if directed by council, to put in place restrictions to address cats at-large.


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