Strategic Plan

In 2020, we are revising our Strategic Plan, a key guiding document that sets out overarching community priorities for the municipality over the next five years.

We want to hear from you!

Charting future directions for Middlesex Centre, both as a municipality and as a community, is BIG!  We want to get it right. That means listening to you…

  • What do you see as our most important opportunities over the next 5 + years?
  • What do you see as the biggest challenges we face, now and in the future?
  • What steps should we be taking to seize those opportunities and address those challenges?

Stay informed

Throughout the strategic planning process, we will update this special page on our website. Here you will find our schedule of strategic planning activities, reports to Council, and drafts of our plan. We'll also share information about the strategic planning process through our social media channels and our e-newsletter.

Media Releases

  • March 2, 2020 - Middlesex Centre kicks off Strategic Planning Process
  • June 26, 2020 - Looking ahead in Middlesex Centre: Strategic Plan and Official Plan Reviews underway
  • October 7, 2020 - Community input strengthens development of new Middlesex Centre Strategic Plan

Have your Say

Our initial timelines and outreach plans have been modified in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we hope you will still be able to find a way to share your thoughts on where our community is heading.

  • Electronic Input - At any time, we welcome your input via email. Every idea will be read and considered.
  • Public Meetings - The COVID-19 pandemic has meant we've had to rely on other means for communication about the project. We encourage you to keep an eye on our social media and website for opportunities to be involved.
  • Community Organizations - During the summer, our consultants met with a wide variety of local boards, committees, community associations, and civic organizations. We are committed to keeping these boards and organizations "in the loop" as our strategic planning proceeds. The consultants also met with a number of relevant agencies and government departments (such as Middlesex County officials).
  • Surveys - As part of the process, two surveys were circulated from mid-July to mid-August, 2020:
    1. In order to gather a statistically reliable view of the public's priorities, one survey was sent by mail to a random sample of Middlesex Centre residents.
    2. In order encourage a diversity of opinion and ideas, an electronic version of the survey was open to all residents.

      Thank you to everyone that took the time to complete the surveys! Please see the attachments below for a summary of the comments we received. These have been shared with members of Council for their consideration as they work to draft the Strategic Plan.  
      Please note the results from the municipal budget questions on the survey are presented on the Budget 2021 webpage.

Putting it all Together

In September 2020, armed with a wealth of input from what we will have heard from you and others, Council started putting pen to paper. We want to get it right. We want to reflect what our residents and businesses think we should do, can afford to do, and will most benefit from.

Findings from the Survey and Community Engagement

Preliminary Draft for Public Comment

Over the summer Erebus Municipal Services, the consultants for the project, met with community organizations and surveyed the community on their vision for the future of Middlesex Centre. You can see all of what they heard back in the "Survey & Engagement Results" reports found below.

This document is the next step: a preliminary list of consolidated findings grouped under several broad themes and strategic directions.

Findings from Survey & Community Engagement
Preliminary draft for public comment

Your Feedback

It is important to note that this document is a preliminary draft of our findings, not a final version of the new 2025 Strategic Plan.

We are looking for your thoughts on:

  1. Would the preliminary strategic directions in this document effectively address what you see as the most important issues and opportunities facing Middlesex Centre in the foreseeable future?
  2. Would the potential initiatives in this plan be feasible and effective to make real progress in those directions?
  3. Are there other 2020-2025 initiatives that would take us further in the right direction and/or be more effective uses of the required resources?

Please provide your feedback by November 1, 2020, by:


Get On Board!

Most importantly, when we get it right, not just Council and staff, but also our committees, community organizations, neighbours, and local businesses will get on board. In a great place like ours, we’re all in this together. If we are all rowing in the same direction, we can make great things happen!

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