Grass Clippings & Leaves - "Don't Blow It!" onto Roads


It's an easy oversight - what harm could come from blowing grass clippings onto the road?  However blowing grass clippings onto the road is a bad habitat for a number of reasons:

  • Damp grass blown onto a gravel road can clump together and, if graded into the gravel, can aid in the formation of pot holes.
  • Any vegetation blown onto the road can lead to a small amount of organic debris getting into the gravel over time. This can slow drainage from the road.
  • Damp or wet cuttings blown on to a hard surface road can reduce the traction for vehicles, particularly if they had to brake on the cuttings. 
  • Blowing cuttings toward the road creates a risk that a mower could shoot a stone or other debris at passing people or cars.  While many residents are good about stopping when people or cars are passing by, it might just be easier to adjust your mowing practices to blow clippings away from the road.

In the autumn, it is important to remember that leaves should not be raked or blown on local roads. They pose many of the same concerns as grass clippings on roadways, and have an added safety risk of children playing in the piles of leaves.

So whenever possible "Don't Blow It" and help improve safety and road maintenance in our community. 


(First posted May 26, 2020)