Paws in Parks

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What is Paws in Parks?

"Paws in Parks" is designed to provide off-leash access within specific municipal parks to accommodate the needs of dog owners to exercise their pets where they won't be subject to the municipal animal control by-law.

Are there areas where dogs are not allowed?

As there is a current municipal by-law that prohibits dogs being run off-leash at all municipal parks, dogs can legally run off-leash only in park areas identified through the Paws in Parks program.  

To keep our parks clean and safe for children, dogs must always stay outside of playground and sport field boundaries.

Which area can I go without a leash?

Paws in Parks operates in Douglas B. Weldon Park in Arva and the Ilderton Rail Trail. Clearly placed signs within each park will direct to the off-lease area. If a green off-leash sign is not posted, you must have your dog on a leash at all times.

What else do I need to know?

In addition to knowing where dogs are allowed off-leash, there are some simple rules for dogs and their handlers to follow.

Rules for Paws in Parks:

  • Make sure your dog is wearing a current licence tag on their collar
  • Pick up after your dog and dispose of waste in a garbage can
  • Keep your dog outside of playground and sport field boundaries
  • Do not allow your do to dig holes in a municipal park
  • Do not let your dog jump on people
  • Ensure you have control of your dog at all times whether on or off leash
Douglas B Weldon Park Paws in Parks Off Leash Area Map
Ilderton Rail Trail Paws in Parks Off Leash Area Map


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