Budget 2024

Setting Priorities for Municipal Services, Programs and Infrastructure

The municipal budget is a key policy and planning document that outlines our municipality’s priorities for services, programs and infrastructure. Setting the budget is a balancing act between often competing priorities – providing the high level of services that residents deserve and expect versus what we can afford.

Each year, municipal staff put forward a draft preliminary budget for comment. There are two parts – the operations budget that covers the day-to-day services of the municipality, and the capital budget that covers large infrastructure and other long-term projects. The Mayor and Council, with input from Middlesex Centre residents and businesses, make choices about what municipal services, programs and infrastructure projects should be included in the budget.

Updates on the 2024 Budget
Capital Budget Presentation - Nov. 1

Tiffany Farrell, Director of Corporate Services, presented the 2024 Capital Budget to Council. Recommended capital projects for the coming year total $30.63 million, including:

  • $10.36 million for Transportation/Roads projects such as various culvert repairs, Hyde Park Road reconstruction (Elginfield Road to 15 Mile Road), and Hot Mix resurfacing.
  • $5.86 million for Environmental Services projects, including stormwater management, wastewater treatment upgrades, and water system improvements. 
  • $10.32 million for Facility Services projects, including municipal office renovations, and various repairs and retrofits at the Komoka Wellness Centre, Ilderton Arena, and community centres.

Funding for Middlesex Centre’s capital projects comes from reserve funds, debt financing, development charges, donations, and grants.

For more information: The capital budget presentation and associated charts can be found under Item 8.1 on the Nov. 1 council meeting agenda. You can also watch the capital budget presentation on the municipal YouTube channel (starting at minute 42 of the meeting).

Operating and Draft Budget Presentation - Nov. 15

Tiffany Farrell, Director of Corporate Services, presented the 2024 Operating Budget and the Draft Budget Book to Council.


For more information: The capital budget presentation and associated charts can be found under Item 7.3 on the Nov. 15 council meeting agenda. You can also watch the capital budget presentation on the municipal YouTube channel (starting at minute 17 of the meeting).

Final Draft Budget Presentation - Dec. 20 

The final draft budget is expected to go before Council for their consideration on Dec. 20.  If adopted, the budget by-law and tax rate by-laws will be passed at this meeting. 

For more information: The final budget booklet will be included with the Dec. 20 meeting agenda. This will be posted to the council meetings page no later than the Friday prior to the meeting.

Process for Developing the 2024 Budget

It takes many months to develop the Middlesex Centre budget.

Public engagement in the budget process starts when the budget development process begins in July, typically with the resident budget survey. Internally, the budget process begins with staff reviewing their department work plans and the Municipal Strategic Plan. From there, staff begin to outline their department’s operating costs and capital requests.

This information is then taken into consideration as the individual department budgets are consolidated and reviewed to determine funding (revenue) sources available and whether additional funds are required to meet the approved budget objectives.

During the fall, the senior management team and two members of Council form an ad hoc (temporary) budget working group. This group discusses the development of the budget in detail and completes a line-by-line budget review.

Once a consolidated and cohesive budget package has been completed, it is presented to Council for their review. The budget package presents the funding and priorities for the coming fiscal year. When the budget has met the approval of Council, a budget by-law is passed.

Middlesex Centre Budget Road Map 2024
Budget Survey - Have your Say!

We encourage members of the public to get involved in the budget process.  This is your chance to tell us what you value and where we should prioritize spending for the coming year.

  • The Budget Survey - Thank-you to those that completed the 2024 budget survey this summer. Staff presented the survey results to Council at their meeting on Sept 6, 2023. Of note, 86% of respondents thought the municipal services they received were either fair, good, or excellent. The results of the survey will be incorporated into the 2024 Middlesex Centre budget.
  • Talk to Us Directly - You don't need to wait for the budget survey to share your thoughts. Please reach out to Tiffany Farrell, Director of Corporate Services, via email or phone at any time.
Background - Municipal Budget Basics

In 2020, COVID-19 kept us from holding our traditional public meetings to share information about the budget and how it is created. Instead, Middlesex Centre staff recorded a series of short videos on budget basics. While the dollar figures might be a bit different from year to this year, these videos provide a good overview of how we create the municipal budget and highlight how your tax dollars are spent:

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Background - 2023 Municipal Budget

Council approved the 2023 Budget at their meeting on January 11, 2023

Middlesex Centre's 2023 Budget received a Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Financial Officers Association. This award recognizes municipalities that demonstrate the highest principles of governmental budgeting.

Background - Open Budget - View the Proposed Municipal Budget for 2024  

The Municipality of Middlesex Centre is committed to government accountability and financial transparency. As part of that commitment, we've launched Open Budget - a data visualization tool for displaying financial information.

Open Budget is designed to display the municipal budget in an easy-to-understand format. Through Open Budget, users can learn more about Middlesex Centre's infrastructure projects, capital budget and operating expenditures, and compare budgets year-over-year.


For More Information

If you have any questions or comments about the municipal budget, please contact Tiffany Farrell, Director of Corporate Services.