Fire Services

Middlesex Centre Fire Helmet

About Us

Middlesex Centre Fire Services consists of five fire stations staffed by professionally trained, paid-on-call firefighters with full-time headquarter staff.


Mission Statement

"To provide a range of services and programs to help protect the lives and property of the residents of Middlesex Centre"


Fire Station Locations

Arva Station
14352 Medway Road, Arva (map)

Bryanston Station
15321 Plover Mills Road, Bryanston (map)

Coldstream Station
10227 Ilderton Road, Coldstream (map)

Delaware Station
11563 Longwoods Road, Delaware (map)

Ilderton Station
22531 Hyde Park Road, Ilderton (map)


Green Lights

When emergencies happen, the on-call, professional firefighters of Middlesex Centre are ready to respond at any moment.

Help our firefighters get to their emergency calls quickly and safely. Our firefighters flash green lights in the front of their personal vehicles when they are responding to an emergency. If you "see green" pull over if it is safe to do so, and let our firefighters pass!


Open Air Burning

Middlesex Centre has a by-law that outlines the conditions under which open air burning is allowed.  The quick guide below can help you make sure you are following the guidelines - and keeping yourself and your family safe! 

A visual guide to accompany the Open Air Burning By-law


Emergency Management

In accordance with the Emergency Management Act RSO 1990, Chapter E. 9 as amended, the municipality is required to conform to standards set out by Emergency Management Ontario in accordance with international best practices, including the four core components of emergency management, namely: mitigation/prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.  Middlesex Centre Council has implemented an emergency management program to protect public safety, public health, the environment, critical infrastructure and properties and to promote economic stability and a disaster resilient community.

Emergency Response Plan


Fire Documents

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